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RPPL Artists for 23/24 Announced

RPPL Artists for 2023/24

We are excited to announce the next cohort of RPPL Artists for 2023/24! Eleven artists will be supported in this Rural Performance Production Lab season including Artists in Residence, Visiting Artists, and a Next Up Artist.

The Rural Performance / Production Lab (RPPL) is a creative production process which seeks to support the development of new work rooted in rural living, history, places, and bodies. Through four categories, RPPL artists will receive direct funding or a configuration of an on-site residency, coaching and support from a dedicated team of advisors over an 18-month period in addition to the direct funding. This opportunity is for artists living in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Sipp Culture is able to provide rehearsal space, housing, planning support and can participate as a partner and consultant in the realization of bringing new southern rural stories to the field. Through this program Sipp Culture offers artists support which is tailor-made to fit their developmental needs.

“The RPPL residency program is unique in its ability to provide artists with a home to lean into their creativity, dream up the many possibilities their creativity can support their purpose, build the work that is most important and relevant to them, and still find space to rest and restore,” said Carlton Turner, Co-founder and co-director of Sipp Culture. “There are very few places like this designed for rural artists in the South.”

Meet the 2023/24 RPPL Artists

2023/24 RPPL Graphic Design by Allyson Durr

A team of four professional artist advisors for the program include: Millicent Johnnie, Chief Executive Officer, Millicent Johnnie Films L.L.C; Jasmine Cannon, Founder, Black South Production; Frederick Delahoussaye, Artistic Director, Ashe Cultural Arts Center; and Erin Washington, Founder, Soul Center.

“We are committed and dedicated to helping RPPL artists achieve their goals through our residency programs,” said Millicent Johnnie, Sipp Culture RPPL Advisor. “We believe in personal growth– that is, we try to foster loving and supporting relationships to and for the artists and their work in hopes of providing more opportunities for both to thrive with deep seated intention. Through the process of getting to know the artists and providing a structure for them to bring the strengths and challenges tied to their work, we create opportunities for all of us to grow, striking a healthy balance between personal achievement and artistic expression.”
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