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Sipp Black 337

When we started the #SippBlack337 campaign on March 1st, 2020, we set out to help our community celebrate the BIGness and BOLDness of Blackness beyond the limitations of the 28 days of February, celebrating Black joy and achievements the other 337 days of the year. We have spent the last two years sharing historic and contemporary Black luminaries, dignitaries, artists, scholars, business people, pioneers, athletes, activists and groundbreakers, reminding the world that Black history is not just American history, it’s #WorldHistory! 


On this day, March 1st, 2022, we are bringing a close to our daily #SippBlack337 campaign. However, we will continue to pay our respects to the legacies of Blackness through our ongoing work, supporting artists through #RPPL, highlight our agriculture work through #FarmFriday, #Eldershare, #EquitableFoodFutures and #Team17.

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