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RPPL 23/24
Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Co. RPPL Artists

Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Collective

RPPL Visiting Artist 23/24

Birmingham, AL


The Award winning Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Collective is a grassroots theatre incubator, preserving a culture of Black theatre in the city of Birmingham. Utilizing community programming & performance art made by and for people across the African Diaspora. BBRTC cultivates innovative works to the city of Birmingham through: Staged readings, main-stage & black-box performances, as well workshops w /industry professionals. In 2021 Named one of the 25 Black Theatre Game Changers by the national theatre publication “Black Masks”; BBRTC has a continued laser focus of telling stories of people across the African diaspora that live within in the margins, & is committed to hiring within those groups as well. Including, but not limited to; Black women, Black queer people, Black disabled people.  #theatreforthepeople. As of 2022 BBRTC currently celebrating it’s 4th year continues to be a staple community & cultural bearers in the city of Birmingham.


Afro Tales is new original immersive musical play that combines elements of storytelling from across the African Diaspora as we follow the Jakai, a young Black kid who needs the help of several famous (and infamous) folk-tale & fable characters from West Africa to Alabama while on an epic emotional journey to find himself.

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