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RPPL 23/24
Kandeaux RPPL Artist


RPPL Visiting Artist 23/24



​I am Kandeaux the Farm Plug, a descendant of sharecroppers and Bajans. A Farm Plug is An explorer, afro-futurist, & purveyor of emergent strategies; committed to education, the promotion of alternative, thriving lifestyles, and cultivating impactful connections between people, ideas, and nature in a way that is restorative and regenerative. We are deeply rooted in pleasure activism as a tool to become spiritually, ancestrally, and enthusiastically connected to nature. We value circle and community and the will of so many people who fought for our generation to thrive. Farm Plug is a tool to carve out safe space and produce radical events inspired by promoting joy and radical imagination for transformation rooted in nature. As a pleasure activist we are committed to black joy in nature as an act of revolution. To spread joy and connect people to nature in the face of climate change is my passion because I believe we can be informed, move urgently, and find sustainable solutions in community.


Croptober is a curated brunch experience that connects consumers and co-creators to producers, both artistically and agriculturally, to celebrate harvest time! Featuring live entertainment and local produce and vendors, Croptober is an unforgettable party that amplifies black music, farmers and artists’ transformative work over delicious, healthy, seasonably available fruits and veggies.

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