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RPPL 23/24
Sara Green RPPL Artist

Sara Green

RPPL Visiting Artist 23/24

New Orleans, LA


Sara is a mixed-media performance artist based in New Orleans, LA. Her current work is inspired by the technologies of joy, pleasure, sensation and connection found in Southern Black foodways. Through dance and installations, she creates experiences that amplify these ingredients. She is currently an Art and Survival Fellow with Jupiter Performance Studio and Double Edge Theater.

Her work seeks to be in solidarity with food growers of any scale by encouraging her audiences to deepen their practices of intimacy with their food. She uses stories, sounds and textures to transport people to a future of food sovereignty and abundance.


“… And the hands that prepares it” extends a lineage of belly-rubbing work songs, cherished but scribbled cooking lessons and catfish plates on a Sunday to audiences through installations, community participation and ritual.

This interactive performance takes the audience on a journey through the way we feed ourselves and can grow intimacy with the modes of our food production. The 3-part journey invites us to get curious about the ways we find pleasure, connection and sensation with our sustenance and with others.

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