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Kam Darko

Kam Darko

Rural Creatives Artist


Memphis Metropolitan


For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a visual person, visualizing scenes in my head as songs played when I was a young boy. As I grew older, documenting things that I valued as important became a big part of who I am. Black southern culture has been my whole upbringing with being born in the delta and I’ve found beauty in shedding light on people/events that people didn’t know existed. I feel it’s important for these things to live on forever and stories be told in a way that only we can tell it.


I would like to make a series of videos that would each be no longer than twenty seconds a piece, for lack of a better word these short videos will serve as ” visual propaganda”. Contrary to real propaganda, these will not be based on half facts or used for misleading people, only to enlighten and provoke thought on social and sometimes political matters. There will be a lot of room for lighthearted and funny pieces that could involve misconceptions around the delta and the south general, everything will not be heavy/thought provoking. Every shot has to be intentional and the message has to be short but hit home. The overall goal is to spread light on my people.

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