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Day Rankin

Day Rankin

Rural Creatives Artist


Hattiesburg, MS


Day Rankin is a proud Mississippian, committed to change through the power of storytelling. Day earned a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2015. After graduating, she launched I Am The Aesthetic (IATA), a media and production company created with community and individuality in mind. Day’s passion for community development led to a role as Director Designee at the After School Academics and Arts Program (ASAAP). She also served as a Docent at the African American Military History Museum in Hattiesburg’s historic Sixth Street Museum District. Most recently, Day has led editorial content at Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), a national nonprofit that aims to advance racial equity. Day’s mission is to ensure the people and stories of her community are represented accurately, organically, and with beauty, even in complex natures.


Irene Chapel’s Da House Studio aims to preserve and highlight the history of Palmers Crossing, a prominent area during Freedom Summer 1964 and the Civil Rights Movement. While in the process of restoring a nearly 100-year-old home (through construction and design), this project will document rich stories of the surrounding community through writing and film. The goal is to initiate a house museum and dedicated studio for creative expression and freedom. The home symbolizes how far we’ve come and where we are headed. It is a safe space to be free.

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