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Misty Mausi

Misty Mausi

Rural Creatives Artist


New Orleans, LA


Misty Mausi is a multidisciplinary live performance artist, playwright, cultural organizer, intimacy director, and theorist born in the Deep South who came into her craft in the San Francisco Bay Area while attending Stanford University. She’s concerned with the ways in which, during the advent of social media, our private lives have replaced the public sphere and shifted the terrain of consent and intimacy in everyday life. She believes predetermined assumptions of familiarity, through politicized identity categorization, create obstacles to the development of connections between communities and individuals from disparate backgrounds. She seeks to reinvigorate practices of self and other discovery through the work she creates and the ways she interacts with the world. She is not accountable for the fantasies, assumptions, stereotypes, and expectations others place upon her–instead choosing to be radically accountable, and abundantly inside her commitment to self, those who love her, and the curation of joy.


FRIED GREEN TOMATOES & BLUE RASPBERRY FREEZE POPS: OR ON THE PROCESS OF CROSSING OVER AND BEYOND; is a story about birth, aging, sickness, and death. It is a multimedia performance set on the banks of the Mississippi River that asks questions about home, addiction, forgiveness, and the power of ritual art and sensual spiritual practices to help us move graciously through joy and suffering. It is concerned with the effects of histories of consensual violence and neglect on the ways we have failed to love one another in the best of times. It seeks to reconstitute hope and respect in the value of life for the harm-doers and those they have inflected harm upon. At its best, the work asks us to be in grace with the process of unknowing in our own lives, choosing boredom and confusion as co-conspirators in the creation of a better life.

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