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Charity Hicks

Charity “Vitamin Cea” Hicks

Rural Creatives Artist


Jackson, MS


Vitamin Cea is a writer, educator, & performer hailing from Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. She finds peace in sharing her experiences in every way she can to connect to others, further proving that we are all reflections of one another. Her lyrics reflect love, honesty, and introspection as she conversationally rhymes about her curiosity, adoration, and at times, disdain for the world around her.


“What An Era” is Vitamin Cea’s debut album and the final installment of her musical trilogy capturing life, love, and important losses and wins of a Black, queer, Mississippi artist. Through sound and film, “What An Era” will depict the transitions from adolescence to adult, from home to the world, from a small town to a big city through the eyes of a young, eager creative who attended an HBCU and became more of herself in the process.

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