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Resting is Healing: Salaam Green

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Salaam Green is a literary healing artist by way of the Black Belt of Alabama. A poet, storyteller, and the founder of The Literary Healing Arts, Salaam can often be found resting under shady oak trees and fishing ponds always with a journal and pen ready “to write up the earth,” as she says.

 This past June, Salaam Green completed her residency with Sipp Culture as a recipient of the Rural Performance Production Lab (RPPL) program. During her time in residency she was able to pause and get some much needed personal rest. A practice which is often unimaginable for Salaam. Salaam usually spends her time supporting her community in using their voices to change their lives through workshops and training. Salaam recognizes “resting is healing” and this residency was focused on her own restoration and writing the poem “Who Dreamed You Here” a self reflection piece.

While visiting the community pond at Sipp Culture’s Community Farm, it led to the discovery of how rural areas, although many miles apart, still share many of the same characteristics. Past times such as fishing, spending time with children, and resting around water keeps us connected.

With her work in progress, a project named “Around the Rivers”, Salaam explores an in depth look into rural Alabama. This project hopes to spin the narrative of how folks discuss rivers and waterways through poetry and literary devices. This residency has allowed Salaam to deeply envision the scope of opportunities in being grounded with nature and restoration to wholeness.

Salaam Green, Literary Healer

Salaam Green an artist by way of the Black Belt of Alabama. Salaam is a poet, storyteller, and the Founder of Literary Healing Arts. Salaam can be found healing under oak trees and fishing ponds always with a journal and pen ready to write up the earth.

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