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Jean Greene

Jean Greene

Community Advisory Group member

If you take a look at my resume or my ‘standard’ bio you get a snapshot of who I am professionally.  I spent my last 29 years as a librarian.  That’s not all of who I am. I am a keeper and teller of stories.  The sum of who I am is an amalgamation of stories, anecdotes, sayings, songs and poems that provide a sense of the persons and events that made me…continue to make me…me.  

Here’s another snapshot.  I was born Jean Belinda Greene (only my family and classmates who knew me in elementary and middle school are allowed to call me Jean Belinda) in 1954 in Batesville, Mississippi. The year of Brown vs The Board of Education. Right smack in the middle of the ‘Golden Age of Television’.  The birth of the Civil Rights Movement. Under the rule of Jim Crow.  A lot of what you have read in your history books or heard discussed on an NPR program I experienced IRL (in real life). Ask and I may tell you about some of those experiences…

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