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Sipp Culture Partners for Artists at Work as a Delta Culture Hub

Artist at Work Expands to Mississippi Delta

THE OFFICE performing arts + film in NYC is partnering with the The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (Sipp Culture) in Utica, MS, to implement Artists At Work (AAW) in the Delta region in early 2022.

The OFFICE worked closely with Sipp Culture to bring together Culture Hubs that span a broad range of artistic disciplines, reflect the region’s vast cultural diversity, and represent a strong tradition of artists being deeply embedded in their communities. These organizations are across four states in the region and will select the Artists and Social Impact Initiatives with which they will soon work.

More information about Artists At Work opportunities and open calls soon to follow.

The implementation of Artists At Work in the Mississippi Delta region is made possible by the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation who provided a $3M grant to expand AAW nationally, launching programs in Los Angeles County (2021), the Mississippi Delta region (2022), and the Borderlands region (2023).

Artists at Work in the Mississippi Delta
Special Thanks to Artists at Work Funder
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