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She Ra

She Ra

Rural Creatives Artist


Holly Springs, MS and New Orleans, LA.


Mississippi born and raised multidisciplinary performance artist, writer, poet, educator, filmmaker and organizer/activist. She is the creator of various workshops that feature media, movement, performance and writing including, “Healing Colorism”, “Writing to Charge Liberation Work”, “Conversations on Wellness” and one of her more recent works “Rise Up: Harm, Conflict & Accountability Within Organizing (Book). She seeks to help increase personal power, eradicate internalized racism, raise social, cultural, historical consciousness, and literacy through creative arts and education. She began teaching Dance, English Language Arts, and Fine Arts in New Orleans in September 2015. In 2018 she began grassroots organizing to dismantle systems of white supremacy and for the fully funded relocation of the Residents of Gordon Plaza with the People’s Assembly. She received a Bachelors of Science in Communication and Theater from Jackson State University (2011) and Master’s of Arts in Teaching from Delta State University (2020).


Many Hands is a short documentary film exploring harm, conflict and accountability within organizing.

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