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Jonathan Trimble

Farm Apprentice

Jonathan Trimble 38, is a native of Utica,MS and a Hinds AHS graduate of c/o 2002. Jonathan is the father of one son, JaCaleb. He is a jack of all trades. Some of his skills include carpentry, roofing, and automotive repair. He also is known for being “Employee of the Month” with several of his previous employers.

He has been involved in outdoor activities and work over half of his life, except for farming. He has challenged himself by joining Sipp Culture’s Small Farm Apprenticeship Program. This has allowed him to understand the true values of farming and its techniques, building relationships with the community, and growing his own crops. 

The joy he gets from this involvement is the driving force behind his dedication to this program. One of Jonathan’s favorite roles of the program is ElderShare participation. The smiles on pick-up day when he hands each elder their portion of vegetables is delightful; and he knows they appreciate his efforts because they continuously thank him for his work.  Lastly, when he plants each seed it amazes him to see the growth over time from start to finish because he knows that he has played a major role in the nourishment of each crops development. 

“When you like a flower you pluck it, but when you love a flower, you water it”

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