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RPPL 21/22, RPPL Artist

Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa

RPPL Artist-in-Residence 21/22

New Orleans, LA

BIO:|storyteller, chaos-collagist & performance artist, FreeQuency is a gender renegade Kenyan who self identifies as a shoga, masculine-off-center, femme adjacent, an AunTea and/or a prettyboi. FreeQuency’s antidisciplinary work interrogates|occupies the in-between spaces of gender & geography while exploring the mundane nuances and stark contradictions of life under racialized capitalism.


On/Un Becoming is a multi|ungenred project exploring the simultaneous processes of becoming & unbecoming across the spectrum of self|selves. 

Part 1, Becoming//Black (2015), explored the formation of Blackness as a political identity.

Part 2, SayMyNameSayOurNamez, explores transitioning into selves within and beyond the realm of gender (identity). 

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