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First RPPL Artists Arrive Fall 2021

First RPPL Artists Arrive in Utica October 2021

The first of the 11 RPPL Artists began their on-site residencies this October, 2020.

Artists-in-Residence Annette Hollowell/Free Feral and Community Impact Artist Christina McField joined our team in Utica for some one-on-one meetings and time to lay the groundwork on their projects through planning, reflection, and access to creative community.

Covered in Mississippi Free Press, the story “Sipp Culture’s Artists-In-Residence Explore Black Legacy, Inheritance And Nature From Jackson To Holly Springs” , Aliyah Veal wrote about the work and experiences of all three artists.

Here’s what the artists had to say about this inaugural RPPL experience:

"Being at the artist residency was like being at home without all of the responsibilities. I felt comfortable as soon as I arrived, and that the container that has been created by Sipp Culture was full of love, care and intention. I can’t remember the last time I was in a space where I rested so deeply, and was gifted with such a deeply generative space. Having Sipp Culture and the RPPL advisors listen to and help guide the development of our podcast and storytelling project has already proven to be invaluable. It’s deeply validating to have folks invested in your vision and committed to the highest manifestation of it!"
Annette Hollowell Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence free feral

"Overall the experience was invigorating!  The concentrated time and the mentors Sipp connected us with have really helped us to engage the work on a deeper level.  And the Sipp team was so warm and welcoming! Better than a vacation!" 

Christina McField Community Impact Artist

"Spending my time at Sipp Culture for a week felt so good! Sighting places to photograph and gathering information from the community for my residency is finally making this work feel real for me."

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