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Allison Allen, Communications Intern Sipp Culture
photo by Allison Allen

Allison Allen

Communications Intern

I Am a training intern working for Sipp Culture in the communications department. Where I work with capturing the moments with events involving our team as well as the programs that we have here at Sipp Culture. I work alongside the team in creating flyers, posting announcements or highlighting what’s new or what’s going on here at Sipp Culture as well as the town of Utica.

I’m from Utica,Ms where I’ve lived all my life I’ve attended both high school Hinds and Raymond High School. I also attended both branches of Hinds CC, Utica and Raymond campus. From the Utica campus I received an associate degree in Electronic Technology and received an associates degree in Graphic Design from the Raymond campus. Over my time out of college I developed a love for ceramics and photography, I owned my very first photography studio at the age of 26, originally growing up my dream was to have my own Electronic Appliance store but other plans were placed in front of me. 

Even though I don’t own the photography studio anymore I still carry the business mobily, I’m currently working on two movie films that are military based films focused on life after the war. Re-learning how to interact with basic life after leaving the military, while being faced with mental health issues. The comedy series is called InTake and The drama film is called The 8 year old boy. I’m very excited to be the co-writer/photographer for these two phenomenal films and writer alongside my cousin who’s the co-producer/writer ex military vet as well. I’m very blessed to be multi-talented and it can be very overwhelming at times. I doubt myself a lot then I remember something I’ve learned while working at Sipp Culture.  

(T.T.P) Trust The Plan!

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