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Young Black Man at Community Farm Smiling
Eugene Epps, Farm Apprentice. Photo by: Chivona Roberts

Eugene Epps

Assistant Farm Manager

Eugene is a Utica native, born and raised in the Low End community. He is a graduate of Hinds Agricultural High School ℅ 2002 and also studied in the electrical program at Hinds Community College. He is the father of 6 children, which include 4 girls and 2 boys. 

He enjoys listening to music, generating money, and is a basketball fanatic. His favorite basketball player is James Harden with the Brooklyn Nets.

He is a self motivated hard worker. Eugene takes pride in watching the plants grow, and also cherishes the conversations he and others have on the farm. Learning and joking throughout the day allows the time to go by when they are planting on the farm. 

In the future, he is excited to do his own farming and landscaping that he plans to share with his children in hopes for many generations to come. He mentions this apprenticeship with Sipp Culture has given him a greater opportunity to survive and live off of the land.

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