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The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production is cultivating a thriving community in Utica, MS.


New greenhouse at Sipp Culture Community Farm

The New House on Main Street

Read about the first new construction on Main Street in many years – an 1800 square foot climate controlled, fully automated greenhouse as part of the Sipp Culture Community Farm.

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Regeneration poster by Alex Jimenez for Sipp Culture as part of the People's WPA

Sipp Culture & A People’s WPA

Sipp Culture is collaborating in “A People’s WPA” – a blueprint for reimagining our society in the wake of COVID-19. Learn more about how and see the beautiful poster designed by artist Alex Jimenez.

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Sipp Culture "S"
Jean Green at the Meet, Greet & Eat Event

“Sipp Culture is all about community development from the ground up. We engage in cultural production from a place of self-determination and agency. It’s designed by us and for us.”

Jean Green, Community Advisory Group Member

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